Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Internet Dating: A Concentrated Version of the "Real Life Experience"

I have to give shoutouts to Anne - my blog has been quiet as of late, but I feel the need to use it as a platform to promote a blog that I love! 

The Internet Angler is a candid expression of the online & offline dating experience.  Anne is the talented mother of one of my closest friends, and she has ventured into the dating world since the passing of her wonderful husband a little while ago.  There are many reasons I love her blog:

- Insight into the male psyche: They seem to be quite similar in their 50s as they are in their 20s. That may sound negative, but it actually is quite a compliment: Men seem to have a boyish charm that is more stubborn than a red wine stain (if you're like me, that will be the analogy that makes the most sense).

- Us ladies have something to look forward to: Getting older can mean less insecurities. Some will still hang around, but you have a pretty good idea about what makes up your "WOW" factor.  I also think you have honed some "skills" & put up with less B.S. than an early 20's version of yourself would.

-  Celebrating little wins: Internet and offline dating don't have to always be about the cringe factor, but let's be honest: they do happen!  The good thing about Anne's experiences is that she does express the occasional disappointment that comes with a sub-par date, but she also teaches us to celebrate positive attention, handling a dating situation well, or learning from someone and recognizing some of your "areas of improvement".

I could go on, but I think you should just go to Anne's blog instead. Subscribe - it's worth it!

-  Jill

Thursday, April 4, 2013

While this blog hasn't been too busy...

I have been writing up a storm for other blogs!  Check out my stuff at the following incredible local YEG businesses:

Edmonton has a lot to offer - especially breeding successful and driven people! It's inspiring to be around these entrepreneurs that have built their business from the ground up.  It's also pretty cool to work from Whyte - where I spend 99% of my money on clothing and food ;) It's somewhere between a  perfect scenario and a dangerous situation!

- Jill